Thomas Edison and His Spice Kitchen!


Did you know the man who gave us the electric light bulb, Thomas Edison, couldn’t stand the smell of cooking food?  He had to eat, so he built a kitchen in a separate building on his property in Fort Meyers, Florida.

Most modern homes have two dining areas, two living areas, two-car garages, but have not fully accepted the need for two cooking areas. A kitchen-removed, or ‘spice kitchen’, is standard fare for many Asian cultures.  Their thinking on this feature is simple:  To prevent cooking odours from permeating their home, we want a ‘spice kitchen’.


Pungent and food-produced steam from garlic, chilis, and cooking oils are a migratory and perennial problem in modern homes, becoming embedded in fabric and all manner of porous material – notwithstanding one’s highly sensitive odour molecules (sense of smell).  As well, surfaces of kitchen cabinets require occasional washing with soapy water to be rid of nauseating odours.

Hood fans with Class 5 tornado sucking-power aren’t available.  Open windows play havoc with air conditioning and uniform temperatures.  Vinegar does the job and then you have to do a job on vinegar.  Air fresheners are temporary while introducing their own peculiar odour.  Gas masks are an over-the-top reaction!

“I don’t need a spice kitchen,” wrote one contributor in a reply column, “I just call in the kitchen demo unit and have them clean up my mess!” Again, possibly an over-the-top reaction!

‘Spice kitchens’ are equipped with doors which, hopefully, contain nauseous odours from sneaking through the cracks and gap under doors into the rest of the house. Is this enough?


Lebo Interior Doors & Frames has a Simple! and Profound! two-fold solution to the problem of kitchen smell containment:

1)  Lowerable Floor Closure Seal


2)   A three side rabbetted door panel that closes against a gasket seal.


Ingenious!  Don’t you think?


Lebo’s lowerable floor seal and three-side-rabbetted door panel ensure odours from all sources, light and sound, are held in areas they are meant to be contained and out of areas in which they are not welcome.

What this means to you is control of your home’s environment, more comfort for its inhabitants.


I encourage you to be suspicious of my claims.

Come and see!

Tell me what you think!

You’ll decide one of two things:  1)  I’m in need of truth serum or; 2)  You need the benefits of this innovative and life improving Interior Door!

If Thomas Edison was alive today, he would wish he had invented these features; and, he’d greet you at our showroom door!

Maybe …


Lebo Interior Doors & Frames

Simple!  Profound!

Showroom:  2800 Viking Way, Richmond, BC V6V 1N5

Interior Doors Vancouver and Canada.


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